Bedsore Prevention

Based on years of experience and extensive research, Golden Med Tools Inc. has designed the ultimate bedsore-prevention device: the Bedsore Blocker.

The Bedsore Blocker offers comfort and convenience, while providing fast and effective pain relief. It gives patients with reduced mobility the chance to improve their quality of life, reduces the dependence on others for assistance, and prevents bedsores from developing. For pricing, or to find out more about our product, call us at (415) 829-2390 today.


The Bedsore Blocker at a Glance:

  • Lightweight, Portable, Easy-To-Use
  • Improves Airflow and Blood Circulation
  • Reduces Discomfort and Sweat from Building Up
  • Durable Polymer Design
  • Adjustable comfort level angle from 50 to 75 degrees to hold a body in a longitudinal lateral position
  • Can hold a body mass of up to 350 pounds

How Does it Work?

Bedsores are the result of four major factors:

  1. Pressure
  2. Heat
  3. Moisture (Sweat)
  4. Lack of Airflow

The Bedsore Blocker has been designed to eliminate all four of these factors. Using an adjustable leverage arm, it can be angled to raise a person's body from anywhere between 50 and 70 degrees. Consequently, it increases airflow to the back and sides, which helps the person's skin keep cool and reduces moisture. The pressure from lying down for extended periods of time is therefore spread out across the patients' body, helping to alleviate pain, improve blood flow, and prevent bedsores from forming.

The Bedsore Blocker: Easy-to-Carry, Easy-to-Use

Sleek, simple, and straightforward, the Bedsore Blocker is a remarkably intuitive device. Its easy-to-use design ensures that any can operate it. Even patients themselves can use it without the assistance of a caregiver, making them more independent and less reliant on others.

The Bedsore Blocker features a lightweight frame made from polymer. It is easily portable and travels exceptionally well.

Robust Build for Better Weight Capacity

The Bedsore Blocker may be lightweight, but it certainly isn't fragile. Thanks to its high-quality construction and robust frame, it is extremely durable. With a design that's built to last, the Bedsore Blocker is able to withstand large amounts of pressure and continue to operate for years to come. When used in a longitudinal lateral position, partially off a hospital bed, it can hold up to 350 pounds of weight, giving you optimal coverage for individual patients.

Bedsore Prevention Device: Comfortable and Convenient to Improve Patients' Lives

We've designed the Bedsore Blocker to improve patients' comfort levels and relieve their pain. Patients using the device frequently report a better quality of life and improved levels of satisfaction with their care regimen. Because the Bedsore Blocker improves blood flow and reduces pain, it also helps improve patients' anxiety and keep them still during medical scans.

A Bedsore-Prevention Device Designed by an Expert

The creator of the Bedsore Blocker (U.S. Patent Number D726428S),Marlon Inestroza, is an engineer and a healthcare Information Technologist and impassioned defender of patients' rights. With a team members that has a combined 25 year's experience of a RN wound specialist, a Master's in Mechanical Engineer, a Master of Science in Business Systems in Information Science,, and a Master's Certificate in Project Management, he and his team bring to the table a lifetime of experience, education, and research. He and his team consider his invention to be the beginning culmination of all his work as he will continue to design more tools to deliver a quality of comfort life to individuals who are experiencing skin suffrage.

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