Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Golden Med Tools Inc. designs, sells and distributes world-class medical tools. Our signature invention, the Bedsore Blocker, is the ultimate pressure ulcer-prevention device. Designed to provide fast, effective, and long-lasting relief, it helps patients with limited mobility improve their quality of life, reduces their need for assistance, and limits the development of pressure ulcers. To find out more about our product, or for pricing information, contact us today.


How Does The Bedsore Blocker Work?

Pressure ulcers are the result of four contributing factors:

  1. Pressure
  2. Heat
  3. Moisture (Sweat)
  4. Lack of Airflow

Our Bedsore Blocker mitigates all four of these factors. By propping up an individual's body, it improves airflow to the back and sides, keeping one's skin cool and dry. For patients with limited mobility, it helps alleviate the pressure from lying for extended periods of time, in turn further reducing heat, wicking away moisture. Consequently, it prevents pressure ulcers from developing, improves blood circulation, and lets the skin heal by itself.

With a fully adjustable angle between 50 and 70 degrees, the Bedsore Blocker allows the operator to rotate a patients' body to provide even more airflow.

The Bedsore Blocker—Portable, Lightweight, and Easy to Use

The Bedsore Blocker features a smart and simple design that makes it incredibly easy to use. Made from high-grade polymer material, it boasts a lightweight frame that allows users to carry it wherever they go. Patients are easily able to use the Bedsore Blocker themselves, making them less reliant on caregivers or nurses to come help them.

Durable Design for Maximum Weight Capacity

Despite its lightweight frame, the Bedsore Blocker offers incredible durability. Its robust design allows it to hold up to 350 pounds in a longitudinal lateral position partially off a hospital bed. With its superior construction, you can rest assured that you have a device built to last.

Comfort and Convenience—Effective Pressure Ulcer Prevention

The ergonomic design of the Bedsore Blocker helps improve patients' comfort levels and alleviate their pain. When using the device, patients regularly report high levels of satisfaction, enabling them to recover better and faster. And by reducing their discomfort, it also helps keep them still during medical scans, providing more accurate assessment results.

A Pressure Ulcer-Prevention Device Designed by an Expert

Marlon Inestroza created the Bedsore Blocker (U.S. Patent Number D726428S) with a mission in mind: To improve the lives of those at their most vulnerable. After transitioning into the healthcare industry, Mr. Inestroza spent years as a caregiver for the elderly, including attending to the needs of his mother and aunt. His experience compelled him to develop a better way to prevent pressure ulcers from impacting the lives of patients who are bedridden or have reduced mobility.

Mr. Inestroza is a well-established expert in his field, with over 25 years of experience as an RN wound specialist. He holds a Master's in Mechanical Engineering, a Master's in Business Administration, and Master's Certificate in Project Management. The Bedsore Blocker is the culmination of his work, knowledge, and many years of experience.

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